Media Audience Research Platform

Cifrasoft Mediameter SaaS-platform turns any mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch into a cross-media peoplemetering device. Cifrasoft's solution relies on state-of-the-art audio fingerprinting, acoustic watermarking, and on-device behavioral data collection technology

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Panel Management Dashboard and API

Cifrasoft offers simple web-based software to setup and maintain mobile devices with its Mediameter app. We provide each client with a custom panel management dashboard. The web-based software helps our clients monitor app activations and daily in-tab rates. The same functionality is available via web-API

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ACR SDK for Mobile Applications

Cifrasoft offers its automatic content recognition (ACR) technology as mobile SDKs. Our field-proven audio fingerprinting and watermarking technology allows developers to build applications quickly that recognize audio-visual content in real-time and provide an enhanced viewing/interaction experience

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Our Technology

Audio Fingerprinting

Cifrasoft’s patented acoustic fingerprinting technology allows quick identification of noisy audio signals transmitted over open-air acoustic channel. Unlike most competitive technologies our unique algorithms permit not only server-based identification, but also real-time content identification via stand-alone mobile device without server interaction. In addition, our fingerprinting algorithms are specifically designed to be used jointly with acoustic watermarking and sound classification algorithms, thus delivering the most CPU efficient joint fingerprinting-watermarking-classification solution for mobile applications

Acoustic Watermarking

Our acoustic watermarking solution can be used to embed inaudible information-bearing signals into speech or music audio streams. Our watermarking technology is exceptionally robust against common audio distortions, such as lossy audio encoding, severe low-pass filtering and propagation over open-air acoustic channels. As a result, our watermarks can be detected by mobile phones located within several meters from a watermarked sound source. Cifrasoft provides software-based watermark embedders (file-based and stream-based) as well as hardware solutions (openGear compatible daughter boards for 3G/HD/SD-SDI interfaces)

Acoustic Connectivity

Our technology delivers software-based device-to-device communication capabilities to smartphones, tables, smart TVs and PCs (complementing Bluetooth, WiFi, or NFC technologies). Acoustic connectivity employs unobtrusive sound signals or semi-ultrasonic signals to transmit digital information between devices. We offer high-capacity short range communication solutions, which may compliment NFC in many usages (e.g. in device pairing and network discovery) and we also offer long-distance low-capacity communication solutions, which may be used for in-door user positioning, presence detection, content linking, and multi-factor user authentication applications

Multimedia Content Classification

Cifrasoft's multimedia content classification technology allows real-time tagging of video streams enabling advertisement/promotion detection and program boundary identification

On-Device Behavioral Data Collection

Cifrasoft's on-device data capturing technology supports multiple layers of data collection and processing, including traditional click-stream data and various content and ad identification techniques

Cross-Platform Software Development

Cifrasoft software is available for devices that run Windows, iOS and Android. Browser extensions are also available for many popular browsers, including Chome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex and Edge

About Us

Cifrasoft Ltd

Cifrasoft is a technological company developing ground-breaking software solutions for acoustic connectivity, acoustic watermarking, audio fingerprinting and audio/video classification. Cifrasoft’s innovative solutions capture real people's behavior on mobile and desktop devices and bring interactivity to mobile e-commerce, mobile advertisement, second screen and social TV applications. Our software has been successfully deployed in millions of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Strategic partnership with Mediascope

In 2020, JSC Mediascope acquired a controlling stake in Cifrasoft and became a majority owner of the company. Mediascope is a leading Russian media research company with more than 25 years of work and research on the media monitoring market. Mediascope measures the audience of all media outlets in Russia — TV, Internet, radio, press, as well as the consumer preferences of the population. For more than a quarter of a century Mediascope has been creating products that provide media market participants with insight that helps them make strategic decisions and close data-driven deals.

Clients and Partners


Mediameter Application

Mediameter Application

Android and iOS mobile apps for tracking TV and VoD content viewing and on-device behavioral data collection

Panel Management Software

Panel Management Software and API

A simple web-based software to setup and maintain mobile devices with the Mediameter app, but also available via API

Audio Watermarking Solutions

Audio Watermarking Solutions

Software-based watermark embedders (file-based and stream-based) and hardware embedders (openGear compatible daughter boards)

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